GovernMint Oasis Live Rosin AIO .5g Tier 2

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Tier 2 (Mix Micron)


Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Lineage: GMO X Gush Mints

High: Happy, Calm and Tranquil without feeling too sleepy. A sense of lifted euphoria that instantly wipes away any bad moods or racing thoughts. 

Flavor:  A sharp minty flavor accented by sour lemon-lime and hints of creamy sage and other savory herbs.

Aroma: Sour minty overtone accented by spicy gas, sour lemon-lime and a punch of herbal sage.

Terpenes: Limonene dominant

Vape Cart & AIO Best Practice: How to prevent leaking, clogging, losing flavor, and burning your oil   
Keep the hardware upright in between use, especially when half way through the oil. 
The oil should be room temperature when consumed 68-75 degrees. To cold or too warm is not ideal.
Take slow inhales for no more than 5-6 seconds
Only take 2-3 consecutive hits, then let the oil settle for several minutes to cool down
After hitting the cart, keep the airway clear by continuing to breathe in.


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  1. Russell Reed (verified owner)

    Great it got me seeing jesus

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