Holy Nana Crack Live Rosin AIO .5g Tier 1

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Tier 1 (90-120 Micron)



Type: Sativa Dominant 

Lineage: Banana OG, Green Crack and Big Sur Holy Weed, bred by Biovortex

High: Very heady in nature with an energetic overtone that’s perfect for giving you a boost

Flavor: Citrusy flavor with hints of tropical earth and a heavily smooth pungency upon exhalation

Vape Cart & AIO Best Practice: How to prevent leaking, clogging, losing flavor, and burning your oil    

Keep the hardware upright in between use, especially when half way through the oil. 

The oil should be room temperature when consumed 68-75 degrees. To cold or too warm is not ideal.

Take slow inhales for no more than 5-6 seconds

Only take 2-3 consecutive hits, then let the oil settle for several minutes to cool down


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4 reviews for Holy Nana Crack Live Rosin AIO .5g Tier 1

  1. Tammy (verified owner)


  2. cristiancastro97 (verified owner)

    First order was two carts, and i got Holy Nana Crack and Animal Cookies. I stick to flower so I didn’t know what to expect from dispos, but this one was even better than I’d hoped for. The other was ok but this one I had to leave a review for

  3. John Hopper (verified owner)

    5 Stars!

  4. Nate (verified owner)

    Good job with this one’s 🔥

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