Bolo Runtz THCa Flower T1

Tier 1 Flower


Harvest Date: 5/04/2024

Type: Indica

Lineage: Runtz X LCG X Gelato 33 S1

High: Whole body sedation, bringing you to a state of restfulness.

Flavor: Grape, Fuel, Fruity, Earthy

Aroma: Gassy, skunky, candy, fruity

(4 customer reviews)

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4 reviews for Bolo Runtz THCa Flower T1

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    Not to shabby, not huge fan of runtz but this one was better than most I have tried!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Brian c. (verified owner)

    Nothing but ⛽ I’ll be back

  4. Connie Holland (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible flower. Wow!!

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